Engaged! These are the things that need to be done right now.

Congratulations you are engaged! One of you got down on one knee and now it is finally time to prepare your wedding day. I immediately think of a wedding dress, but of course there is much more to organizing for your wedding day. That's why we've made a checklist of the first things to think about as a soon to be bride and groom.

 1. Make your engagement known to family and friends

The nice thing about this moment is of course that you can share it with your friends and family. First of course to your parents and then call everyone in a flash before one of your friends already posts it on Facebook! 

2. Prepare the budget

What do you have to spend? Who will pay for what and what are the priorities? Maybe you have always dreamed of a designer wedding dress or maybe you want to spend your money on a big party? At most weddings, the reception takes up about 50% of the budget, so keep that in mind when drawing up a budget. 

3. Set the wedding dateDo you want a summer wedding on the beach or a Winter wonderland feeling? Take holidays into account, so that it is possible for as many people as possible to attend your wedding. To have as many options as possible, it is good to look at least eight months ahead. Ordering a dress, for example, takes up to 4 or 5 months and wedding locations are often fully booked well in advance. 

4. Create a guestlist

Decide who you want to be there on the wedding day. Do you want a big wedding with all your friends and family or an intimate wedding with only your best friends? 

5. Choose the style of your wedding

What should the day look like? Are you going for a casual beach wedding or for a chic castle bash? Do you want a wedding theme or not? Use Pinterest to create a mood board of what your wedding day should look like. 

6. Hire a wedding plannerA wedding planner is almost indispensable for a big wedding. Firstly, they take a lot of stress and work off your hands, but in addition, their experience means they can often make good deals for you with different suppliers. 

7. Choose a wedding location

The location is the canvas for your big day. The location determines the overall atmosphere and style of the day. Choose a location that suits you and the idea of ​​the day. A beach tent does not suit a traditional wedding and a castle does not suit a bohemian-style wedding, so choose wisely. 

8. The search for the dress begins now!

Yes! The time has come to find the perfect bridal gown. Pin your favorite dresses on Pinterest because it's time to shop! Make an appointment at a wedding shop whose style of the dresses appeals to you. Pick two or three people who you know will give you good and honest feedback and fit in. 

Don't forget to enjoy all the preparations. It's a special time and it will be over before you know it. So, take a moment here and there to stop and enjoy how special all of this is.

Image via Pexels

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