What to do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

Many brides wonder what they can do with their wedding dress after the wedding day? First of all you have to have it cleaned properly. The faster you do this the better. If you've only worn the dress for a short time and it still looks completely new, then you can also clean the dress with a set of Bride & Shine. With the cleaner you remove small stains easily and then just inject it with the refresher to make any odors disappear forever. Now that your dress is clean, there are several nice things you can do with your dress:

Keep the dress
You can of course always keep your wedding dress. Maybe in the future you have a daughter who wants to get married in your dress. Vintage is HOT!

Pass on a piece
You can also use the material of your dress to make it into a crib curtain or a christening dress for your first child. Some people may find this old-fashioned, but we think this can be very special.

Put the dress on a mannequin
Many brides put their dresses on a mannequin in the bedroom. It is of course fantastic to be able to enjoy your dress every day. Keep in mind that if you ever want to give the dress away or sell it, this is not the best way to keep the dress in a good condition.

Framing your wedding dress is also a possibility. It looks great above your bed and a memory of the most romantic day of your life is always close by.

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