Bride & Shine Dress Cosmetics

Spray, wipe and go!
Protecting your dress from any possible stains and scents.

Bridal Dress Cleaner


Easy to use and compact spray bottle 30 ml, including cleaning cloth + bag

€ 17,99
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Set of both products, including cleaning cloth + bag

€ 28,99
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HOW DOEs it work?

The nightmare of every bride! You have a stain on your beautiful dress.

Spray Bride & Shine on your stain with a diameter no larger than 4 cm. Also spray on the cloth.

Gently wipe the cloth over the stain. Start at the edge and move towards the middle until the stain is dry. Repeat if necessary.

Happy Bride

The stain is gone. Go you are ready to continue enjoying your wedding day with your new husband.

Easy to use
Works Immediately
Pocket size
Does not leave residue
No discoloration
Does not have to be washed off
Gentle treatment of synthetic fabrics

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