NEW! Hand Sanitizer

Especially for use in bridal shops, we now also have Bride & Shine hand sanitizer in addition to our stain remover. This product is perfect for helping brides undisturbed and it works fast and disinfectant due to the 75% alcohol percentage. Using this spray immediately prevents the spread of bacteria. The handy spray is easy to use with the quick-dry, no-wash formula and the added aloe vera ensures that your hands remain soft and well-groomed.

The compact bottle is easy to carry with you in a purse and use elsewhere.

  • Works quickly and disinfected, with 75% alcohol
  • Immediately prevents the spread of bacteria
  • Easy to carry
  • Quick dry, no-wash formula
  • Cared for soft hands by added aloe vera

We also donate a bottle for each bottle purchased to a healthcare institution in our area.

Price € 8.99 per bottle 150 ml

Bridal Dress Cleaner


Easy to use and compact spray bottle 30 ml, including cleaning cloth + bag

€ 17,99
more info >


Set of both products, including cleaning cloth + bag

€ 28,99
more info >

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