Bride & Shine

Cleaning & refreshing your wedding dress from all sorts of stains and scents


Bride & Shine for your Bridal store

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  • Stain

    The nightmare of every bride! A stain on your beautiful dress.

  • Spray

    Spray Bride & Shine on your stain with a diameter no larger than 4cm. Also spray the cloth.

  • Swipe

    Gently wipe the cloth over the stain. Start at the edge and move to the middle until the stain is dry. Repeat if needed.

  • Go!

    The stain is gone. Go you are ready to continue enjoying your big day!

Bride & Shine Dress Cosmectics

Your wedding dress represents one of the most amazing days of your life. A stain on your dress or bad smells are the nightmare of any bride. Some things in life are totally out of your control, therefore it’s best to be prepared. Bride & Shine is therefore an essential part of your wedding day Emergency Kit. This easy to use spray is super affordable. You can’t go without! When disaster strikes, you are prepared.