Is there a risk my wedding dress will be stained by the product?

The product is very gentle and will not leave residue on your dress.

Should I add water to clean the stain?
No, you should only use the product and a cloth to remove the stain. Don’t add water to the mix. 

I already tried cleaning it with water, can I now use Bride & Shine on top of that?
Yes, that is not a problem

How long can I keep my Bride & Shine?

Is Bride & Shine dangerous for kids?
Keep out of reach of children

How long does it take to remove a stain?
Your stain will be gone in a few minutes depending on the size of the stain. 

My wedding dress is red. Can I still use Bride & Shine?
Yes, but we advise you to first test Bride & Shine on a less visible part of the dress. 

Can I use Bride & Shine on other clothing?
Bride and shine is a textile cleaner and can be used on other textiles as long as they are made of synthetic material. 

My dress is made of silk. Can I use Bride & Shine?
Almost 85% of wedding dress that are worn by brides every year are made of synthetic materials. Unfortunately, silk is a natural fiber and cleaning it with Bride & Shine will not work.

I used Bride & Shine on my dress, but the stain didn’t come off. Can I get a refund?
Bride & Shine should take out all the stains mentioned in the product description. If it didn’t work for you please check our returns and refund page to file a complaint. 

I have a bridal shop and would like to sell Bride & Shine to my brides. Is this possible?
Yes, please contact us via the contact form or and we will get it shipped to your store as soon as possible. 

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