5 things your bridesmaids can't forget

You choose your bridesmaids for no other reason than that they are your Besties. It is up to your bridesmaids to ensure that you will get through your wedding day without a hitch. First of all, they off course provide you with emotional support, but they also have a number of other important tasks. To help them on their way, we have made a list of the five things that your bridesmaids should not forget on your big day.

1. A pack of handkerchiefs
There will be various emotional moments on your wedding day and to make sure your make-up stays put, you must of course be able to dab a handkerchief under your eyes as quickly as possible. The first task of the bridesmaids is therefore to provide you with tissues at all times.

2. Bride & Shine stain remover
It could happen to you that a stain appears on your wedding dress! This nightmare can quickly come to an end with a bottle of Bride & Shine. This handy bottle removes almost all possible stains from your wedding dress. Reason enough for one of your bridesmaids to keep a bottle in her handbag.

3. Snacks
As a bride you are probably so nervous on your wedding day that you will forget to eat. To ensure that you are eating something, the bridesmaids will of course provide a few handy snacks during the day.

4. Entertaining the guests
Your bridesmaids are the perfect crew to entertain the guests who do not talk so easily to others and perhaps know few people. Discuss in advance who these guests are and ask your bridesmaids to have a chat every now and then so that everyone is having fun on your big day.

5. Lost & Found police
Your bridesmaids will of course party until the very end. Ask them to take a tour of the location at the end of the night and see if one of your guests might have forgotten something. 

Ok great, the tasks are divided and now Let’s Party!

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