Your Wedding Day Checklist Everything you need for your big day!

Wedding Day checklist

On your wedding day you already have enough stress and to ensure that you go more of less stress free through your big day we have made a special wedding day checklist for you. On this list are all the things you need to think about on your wedding day and more importantly all the things that you should have with you. This bridal emergency checklist consists of simple things such as deodorant, hairpins and colorless nail polish, but also Bride & Shine to remove stains from your wedding dress, a needle and thread and Fashion tape for keeping the straps of your wedding dress in place.

Smelling good on your wedding day

It is normal that you naturally want to smell nice throughout the day. Therefore think of chewing gum or a Smint for your breath, also put a toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag so you can freshen up a bit throughout the day. Of course you cannot forget your favorite perfume. You can try to get a sample bottle at a perfume store, which saves space. Deodorant should definitely be there. Wet wipes are nice to freshen up with.

Wedding Dress Emergencies

Of course, you don't want to imagine it, but unfortunately there are enough things that can go wrong on your wedding day:

  • You can get a stain on your wedding dress
  • The loop that holds up your dress breaks
  • Embellishments fall of your dress

To prevent that you get stressed out by this, you must also have a needle and thread in your bag to secure any stones on your dress or to reinforce your dance loop. To support the dance loop you can also bring a safety pin, which you can be used to raise the trail while dancing.
How to remove a stain with Bride & Shine
A stain on your wedding dress is of course the nightmare of every bride. Fortunately, there is Bride & Shine, which allows you to remove almost any stain from your wedding dress. Not only is it super easy to remove stains from your dress, there is a second bottle of Refresher, which ensures that your dress continues to smell wonderfully fresh. So make sure you own a set of Bride & Shine, because if you do not have it with you, you will hit yourself on the head when something happens!

Haar en make-up op je trouwdag

Your bridal emergency package is already starting to look good, but your hair and make-up back up plan should not be missing. Make sure you bring the most important make-up items with you, such as a lipstick and a powder to ensure that after you have done an "ugly cry" during the ceremony you can immediately update your makeup for the wedding photos. Also, a nail file for smoothing a possibly broken nail and hair spray to ensure that your wedding hairstyle stays perfect all day. Your wedding day beauty checklist includes:

Hair spray
Nail polish
Nail file
Make-up powder and or consealer
Cotton wool and buds
Small mirror

More useful tips

1. If you do not wear stockings, rub some talcum powder between your legs. This prevents you from getting sweat bumps or rashes from the heat underneath your wedding dress.
2. Fashion tape is very useful for securing the moving parts of your wedding dress. Think of a deep V-neck or spaghetti straps.
3. Don't forget to bring a bottle of water and a straw. Now you can drink a sip of water before the ceremony without ruining your lipstick.
4. Take an extra back of your earrings with you. If you lose one of them you will have a backup piece.
5. Wedding dresses can sometimes be kind of static. Take a dryer cloth with you, it has an anti-static effect.

Who will carry all of this?

You have bridesmaids or besties for that! Buy a handy little bag that you place in a strategic place on the venue so that you can always reach it. If you are moving between wedding locations, then designate someone who is responsible for bringing the bag with them. This way you don't have to think about it yourself.

And finally…

To ensure that you don't forget anything, we have put all the things you need in your bridal emergency package on a handy wedding day checklist. Print out this checklist and all you have to do now is make sure that you check every item on your wedding day. With this list you are going to have a stress free wedding day, or maybe that is a bit too ambitious, but at least a little less stressful;) DOWNLOAD NOW

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