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Bride & Shine

Bride & Shine arose from the need of bridal shops and brides to be able to easily clean wedding dresses. Jan Brinkman, as a representative of a number of major bridal fashion brands, visited bridal fashion stores weekly. He regularly heard complaints from employees that they had had a wedding dress cleaned completely because of one small spot on the dress. This often involved a lot of stress and costs. As he investigated deeper he discovered that there was a big demand, not only from bridal shops, but certainly also from brides for a remedy that could remove spots in a quick and easy way.

When the opportunity presented itself, Jan introduced Bride & Shine. Bridal fashion shops and brides have embraced Bride & Shine already as their go to remedy for stains. With the Bride & Shine dress cleaner you can remove almost all stains from your wedding dress within a few minutes and with the Bride & Shine refresher you can make sure that your dress also smells good. This is useful when you want to freshen up your wedding dress halfway through the day.

The products can be ordered separately or together as a set. It is of course also a great gift for a bride to be. For bridal fashion stores, larger bottles are available through the retail portal.